Resource Library

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Welcome to the Resource Library. We hope this is useful, if you can think of anything we should add, please let us know.


The Resource Library is split into three sections:

The Document Library contains written resources that support users working with the gPiO Box. The library shelves include Tech Notes, short documents that help you to use the gPiO Box more effectively. We’ve also added shelves that hold material created externally where we feel this would be useful.

The Code Library contains code samples to support the projects, the code is provided in a variety of languages and for various hardware platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi and the micro:bit.

Finally, we’ve added a library notice board for ‘Hard to Find’ components.

Document Library Shelves

GPIO Documents

3rd Party Shelves

These shelves contain useful resources from external sources, click on a shelf for more information

These are the Computing & Design and Technology Programmes of Study for Key Stages 1- 4

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and Computing At School (CAS) have teamed up to produce (Hello World), a new computing and digital making magazine for teachers and educators.

SWITCHED ON is a termly magazine for teachers produced by Computing at School.

Other Useful Resources

Code Library

Each project includes one or more code versions, running on at least one platform. The Steady! project has code written in both text and block based languages, and runs on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit and PICAXE hardware.

Where possible, the actual code is stored on a cloud server and embedded onto the project page. The table below shows the location of different code types.

  • Arduino programs are stored at
  • micro:bit programs  are stored at
  • Other Text based code is stored at our pages on Github, using Github for more complex code and GIST for simpler programs.

Where it is not possible to store code in the cloud, the code is only present on the specific project page.

Notice Board

This is our ‘Where can I find…’ board, if you’ve found something useful that’s not shown here please let us know and we’ll add it to the board.
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